Castle Party in social media

2021-10-08 Dobermann
Lately the Facebook team hasn't been having any luck with their services. Therefore, we wanted to mention that our festival has a pretty wide range of communication channels and we'd like you to take a look at them and if you like any of them, please subscribe:)

Facebook that you already know:

Facebook group probably too:

We recommend Discord where the discussion goes on almost constantly:

Quick news stories appear on Instagram:

And on Twitter:

And for traditionalists, we have news at www:

Additionally, we have recently launched our Youtube channel, which will feature both new and archived material. Here we ask for your support so that we can change this strange link into a more friendly one (this requires at least 100 subscriptions):

And finally one more request, if you mention our festival somewhere, please use one of the tags: #castleparty, #castlepartyfestival, #cp2022, this will make it easier to find interesting information about Castle Party both from our official channels and yours:)

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