Castle Party Compilation 2022

2022-06-28 Dobermann
The Castle Party compilations are not only a must have for the festival fans, but also for those who want to discover the versatility of the dark independent scene: from atmospheric metal, rebellious cold wave post-punk, decadent gothic rock to danceable electro or heavy industrial beats.

Next to the well known stars of the dark scene, you will find there no less talented acts that are just starting their artistic path.

Castle Party 2022 compilation is an exclusive digipak containing eighteen selected works of artists who stand for the spirit of this year's festival.
As usual songs by headliners and newcomers, the newest ones or the hits, special versions, unreleased or first time on cd format tracks.

Released by Alchera Visions.
Cover picture by Łukasz "Pachu" Pach.
Digipak design by Bartosz Hervy.


VARIOUS ARTIST - Castle Party 2022 (AVR035, 65 min., digipak):

01. KAELAN MIKLA - Stormurinn
02. AESTHETIC PERFECTION - Save Myself (Feat. Isaac Howlett)
03. SHE PAST AWAY - La Maldad
04. JE T'AIME - Give Me More Kohl
05. BLUTENGEL - Our Souls Will Never Die
06. ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO - No Time Like The Present - La Fleur Du Mal
07. PSYCLON NINE - Money And Sex And Death
08. HOCICO - Backstabbers
09. PROJEKT CHANEL - Stan Umysłu
10. LACUNA COIL - Reckless (Radio Edit)
11. BY THE SPIRITS - Solitary I
12. BEDLESS BONES - Realign And Reign
13. ZERAPHINE - Be My Rain
15. SCREAMING DEAD - Night Creatures
16. ME AND THAT MAN - Fight (Feat. John Porter)
17. SWEET ERMENGARDE - Standing By The Sea

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