Since their hatching from underneath the industrial fumes of Dutch harbour city Rotterdam back in 2015, DOOL has undeniably left their gloomy mark on the European dark rock scene. After having risen from the ashes of both ‘The Devil’s Blood’ and ‘Elle Bandita’, this pack of wildlings has gathered and set their collective goal to achieve creative evolution and spiritual ascension through the unity that was since then called ‘DOOL’.

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Sex Gang Children


Sex Gang Children are an gothic rock and post-punk band that formed in early 1982 in Brixton in London, England. Although the original group only released one official studio album, their singles and various other tracks have been packaged into numerous collections, and they remain one of the more well-known bands of the early Batcave scene.

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Psyclon Nine


For the first time at our festival - Psyclon Nine is an American band formed in 2000 in San Francisco, CA, known for their unique blend of electronic, industrial metal and black metal. Originally, Psyclon Nine's music was Terror EBM with melancholic darkwave/Gothic atmospheres and black metal style vocals. However, the band has since evolved a more industrial/black metal sound.

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The Devil's Trade


We are happy to announce that The Devil's Trade is joining the Castle Party Festival! It is a solo project of Dávid Makó. The artist describes his music genre as doom-folk.

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Dom Zły


Today we present you Dom Zły one of the most interesting Polish bands playing post-metal music with black metal influences.

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By The Spirits


Today we present a Polish band that will perform at this year's edition of Castle Party - By The Spirits - folk project from the mystic woods of the Lower Silesia and ancient Ślęża mountain. Inspired by Nature, Death and Spirituality. The band says of itself that it presents a story of a journey through the practice of ancient magic and pays homage to the old gods.

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