Single-day tickets now available for online purchase!



Dear festival-goers, due to your request (or rather, hundreds of them ;)), we are introducing the option of purchasing single-day tickets online! Now you can experience the unique Castle Party Festival on one of the selected festival days.

Single-day tickets will be available on the official festival website, where you will be able to purchase them at an incredible price of 230 PLN. This is an excellent opportunity for all fans who cannot dedicate the entire weekend to our extraordinary event but don't want to miss out on their favorite artists and the amazing atmosphere of Castle Party.

However, please keep in mind that the quantity of available single-day tickets is limited, so we encourage you to make your purchase quickly to ensure participation on these special festival days. Don't miss out on the opportunity because Castle Party Festival is about to kick off at full speed!

For a reminder, you can find the entire festival program divided by days here:

You can purchase tickets here:

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The House of Usher


We continue to present the bands that will play at our festival this year. Today, a few words about The House of Usher - were founded in 1990. The band's music finds its roots in the gothic or waverock of the 80s. The Mission, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke and Joy Division are reflected in The House of Usher's sound, which has been distinctive since "Cosmogenesis" and is dominated by guitars.
In general, the aim is to express an impression of vastness in the pieces, which, however, can sometimes turn into a feeling of loneliness. The CD releases are accompanied by short stories by singer Jörg Kleudgen, whose lyrics transport everyday observations and experiences to a meta-level.

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Full festival lineup!


It's March 1st and as promised, we're presenting you the full lineup for Castle Party 2023. In addition to the bands we've announced so far, we're also presenting you with a list of thirteen additional bands!

  • KĀVE

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NNHMN will play at Castle Party 2023


NNHMN is a band that consists of Lee Margot and Michael Laudarg - the charismatic duo has been living and recording in Berlin for the past 10 years. Michaels extraordinary electronic performance, combined with Lee's almost psychodelic vocals and their mesmerising presentation while on stage guarantees an impactful experience.
For years the band played around with their personal style, using bits of indie music, cold electronics, synth or EBM which helped them a unique version of gothic dance music. NNHMN (NoNHuMan) has been performing at multiple industrial and goth music festivals in Europe and especially in Germany. Their bewitching music videos, which are made by the band themselves also deserve recognition.

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Entropia joins the lineup of Castle Party!


Entropia is a band formed in 2007 in Olesnica that moves genre-wise within experimental metal, fusing elements of kraut rock, sludge and black metal and electronic music in their music. They are the authors of three full-length albums - Vesper (2013), Ufonaut (2016) and Vacuum (2018), which received a lot of attention, indicating the gradual creation by the band of its own unique style, based in musical and conceptual layers on psychedelic thought.

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Of The Wand & The Moon


It is with undisguised pleasure that we resent you another band in our line-up.

Of The Wand & The Moon started as a soloproject by Kim Larsen in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1998 when he was still a member and composer in doom-metal band Saturnus. The debut album "Nighttime Nightrhymes" was released in 1999 and was a dark folk/neo-folk album that received quite some attention in both neofolk, goth and metal scenes. With the second album "Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness" (2001), the sound of Of The Wand & The Moon had developed much, and is considered a neo-folk/dark folk classic these days. A lot of touring followed all over Europe, as Larsen had assembled several live-members for his touring band.

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